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Land Development Project Management & Consulting

  * Since 1990, we have had a reputation for honesty and integrity.

  * As Land Development Consultants, we specialize in the sensible development of raw farmland into estate subdivisions and commercial property. Our highly qualified team will use the utmost care and planning to turn your vacant parcel into a beautiful neighborhood of homes or businesses.

  * Our Team includes the most experienced attorneys, engineers, soil scientists, planners, surveyors and Realtors. We have an excellent rapport with the government agencies involved in the process.

  * Our scope of work includes all facets of the land development process- from initial feasibility studies to rezoning, tentative plat & final plat and through road construction and sales & marketing.

  * We have investors and partners ready to share the cost of development

  * We have an inventory of available parcels


Current Projects:

        350+ acre Estate Subdivision in Harmony Area: The Hennings Subdivision

        51 acre Estate Subdivision in Harmony Area

        63 Acre Estate Subdivision in Harmony Area

Past projects include:

Pebble Creek Subdivision

Coral Trails Subdivision

Willow Hill Subdivision (through Tentative Plat)

Various small unnamed properties

Consulting work for other developers

Feasibility studies for various land owners and investors

We use new technology sewer systems in areas that may not support traditional septic systems.

Our clients are those who have a vision for a high quality development, we will use conservation development practices and maximize open space where possible.


Please contact Bob Dill for further information: (847)812-2972


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Home New Client Info Home Sites Land Development Photos




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